Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Movie Night

Nowadays things have become increasingly expensive, which means that having a good time out with friends for Young Adults has also become difficult in many ways. Many of us are going to school, in debt from school, jobless, starting a family, and numerous other things. It is sometimes a strain to come up with activities to do together that are cost efficient and also enjoyable.

My aim is to bring up things that I have done, or heard of others doing that are fun, cheap, and great to give a try with your own friends and/or family.

Movie night!
Recently for a Young Adult activity, the local church group got together to watch some movies. We didn't go to the movie theatre, which would have been about $10 per person plus more for snacks and gas for the trip there and home. Instead, we all gathered at the church in one of the larger classrooms and set up the proector that someone had. we got movies that anyone already owned so that no money would be spent to rent one. Couches from throughout the building were brought into the room and arranged around the screen, blankets and pillows were also carried in with each person.

Pizza can be a great addition to the scene! It is amazingly easy for each person to chip in $3-5 and for someone to pick up a ton o pizza's. Perhaps a few others can bring popcorn or soda's. Everyone contributes in some small way, and carpooling is done as well! Instead of spending $15 that night, each person spends about $5!

Because we are all adults, and mostly single, at this function and others we try to keep things clean and simple. Dress is appropriate, and the movie provided is also appropriate to the surrounding. This night we chose to watch "Holes", which is a GREAT choice! It doesn't have anything that makes anyone uncomfortable, and is very entertaining to watch as well. Though we are all over the age of 18, everyone enjoyed the movie.

Of course, this kind of activity can be done absolutely anywhere! I have personally watched movies similar to this at the beach, the side of someones house, in a living room, and it can be done a number of other places. You choose for yourself the specifics, but the idea is a superb one for a fun and laid back Friday or Saturday night where you all can watch a good Flick, and interact with one another.