Monday, December 15, 2014

It Works! Wrap Test

So a few months ago I started a new job that I could do from home (and just about everywhere else). I loved the products and I figured if I could share it with others that loved it just as much or more than me that would really great!
But there were a few products that I was a little skeptical about!
Can you blame me? Put a wrap that has a gel on it on your body (anywhere) and in as little as 45min you would have tighter, toner, and smoother skin?? Well, I tried it. I did the 4 wraps for a full treatment and I was amazed! I am am 4 months postpartum from my second child and my body is used and abused lol. But in just under 2 weeks my belly is smaller! My shirts look better on me, my jeans fit a little nicer, it is fantastic! I am starting to work-out more at home with a pull-up bar, treadmill, and bike riding but I know that when I lose more weight I am going to wrap again and firm up all that loose skin!!
I love this job because it is helping me to reach my goals, and I have the chance to help others as well. These wraps feel good when using them and they continue to work afterwards. I did the wraps about 2 months ago and my results have stayed. I want to continue this process of wrapping, eating healthy, and exercising regularly so that I can be one of those hot mamas and not a frumpy mom!