Sunday, July 25, 2010

Biking in the "Glades"

It's called Shark Valley, and though there aren't any sharks because it's in the Everglades, there are aligators, birds, snakes, crows, and other Florida typical animals.

This is a 14 miles bike loop that offers a nice smooth ride with a view of many aligators and other animals. If you aren't into physical activity there is a tram you can ride out on. The halfway point is a watch tower type structure where you can look out at the large expanse of flat Florida and get some nice pictures too :). There are bathrooms too, you just have to make it to them.

It is a very pleasant ride and many people go with older individuals and even children. This is a GREAT activity to do with friends or on a daytime date to get to know someone. With 2 hours of riding you can talk quite a bit. I've done this ride with groups a few times and it's always great to bring lots to drink (because of the heat and exertion) and a sack lunch to eat at the halfway point. Sunscreen is a good idea too.

The bikes they rent are about $15 and they are not that great so I like to bring my own bike, and there is a $5 per person entrance fee so you save more money by bringing your own bike anyways. It is a neat place to go and definitely a good tourist activity as well as a fun thing to do with friends and family. The drive is not too bad to get there, and you can't miss the turn.

This is one type of thing I think everyone should do at one point or another. If you don't happen to live in South Florida, so on a bike ride somewhere closer to you. Find a nice park, a trail, somewhere with great scenery where you can spend some time around or in nature and relax, as well as get a little exercise.