Thursday, March 18, 2010

Changes Coming

Hi all! So, there are going to be some big renovations yet again! I keep changing what I want to do, and what will work best, so it will be a few months before this place is up and running again smoothly. I have a meeting with a cook school admissions officer, so after that I will know for sure whats going on, and if I end up attending the school then this blog will be filled with food! I will post recipes, tips, and stories about the cooking and things of that matter.

So bear with me! I will figure it out soon. :)
Other than that, I will be in Utah for a week, yay! Going out to see the snow, try snowboarding, see my sister, and meet my boyfriends family. So I wont be able to make the changes for two weeks from now.

Cheers to everyone, I hope I can find a topic that works well.