Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gotta Love the Donuts

There are a ton of "little known" establishments out there that not a huge number of people know about but that are really good. For example, some Donut shops such as Dandee Donuts. They bake their donuts fresh in the morning (which are super tasty) and they also have a variety of other pastry's as well as sandwiches, pizza, etc. It is a small place, but nice and one of a kind among the local shops. I've heard that in the early morning around 4 or 5am there is already a line of people to get donuts and other things so they are definitely doing something right. I have had some donuts from there myself and they are great!

I'm not sure if there are Dandee's Donuts anywhere else, I assume that there are though. You should check it out and see for yourself. If it's good in Florida it's bound to be good elsewhere.

The one I see from time to time driving past it is on a corner in a downtown area, there are a few mom and pop owned sort of places as well as establishments like this donut place. The atmosphere is laid back and non-demanding. You can chill outside at a picnic sort of table or inside with the air conditioning. Expect to buy more than you intend or to try out something that looks so good you will forget about your regular choice.

- So here is the first of a Feature of "local cool spots" that I will do from time to time. These posts will not be consistent all the time, they will will jump from one topic to another so they stay interesting and new. If anyone has any comments or idea's, feel free to make one bellow :)-