Monday, December 15, 2014

It Works! Wrap Test

So a few months ago I started a new job that I could do from home (and just about everywhere else). I loved the products and I figured if I could share it with others that loved it just as much or more than me that would really great!
But there were a few products that I was a little skeptical about!
Can you blame me? Put a wrap that has a gel on it on your body (anywhere) and in as little as 45min you would have tighter, toner, and smoother skin?? Well, I tried it. I did the 4 wraps for a full treatment and I was amazed! I am am 4 months postpartum from my second child and my body is used and abused lol. But in just under 2 weeks my belly is smaller! My shirts look better on me, my jeans fit a little nicer, it is fantastic! I am starting to work-out more at home with a pull-up bar, treadmill, and bike riding but I know that when I lose more weight I am going to wrap again and firm up all that loose skin!!
I love this job because it is helping me to reach my goals, and I have the chance to help others as well. These wraps feel good when using them and they continue to work afterwards. I did the wraps about 2 months ago and my results have stayed. I want to continue this process of wrapping, eating healthy, and exercising regularly so that I can be one of those hot mamas and not a frumpy mom!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cupcake CoverTops by Lily Rubio

 I recently hosted a party for a new friend of mine Lily Rubio to showcase her cute and fabulous covertops that will make any LDS girl drool and have plenty of other women in the world wanting a collection for those outfits they wish covered a little more skin.
Here are some of those pretty ladies who could make it that evening - minus me (who took the picture) and my pant-less toddler who joined us that evening.
I thought I would share these with you since I have not come across anything like this with such great quality before  and they really are just great.
I love mine! Especially being pregnant I feel like I already have quite enough sitting on my belly and these are fantastic because they end right under the bust! So many shirts and dresses are low cut or just leave me feeling a little too revealed and these are great to give me coverage without bulk.
Lily had this great idea floating around for a while before acting on it and once she decided to make it happen things got moving with time. Now there is more than just the half-cami, there are cap sleeved and 3/4 sleeved covers in a small range of convenient colors.
They are available for purchase from her personally if you happen to live in the South Florida area, otherwise you may purchase them through her website
You can also follow Lily on Facebook for updates, watch some cute videos of Lily's on Youtube, or follow her on Instagram.

All images in this post are taken from the Instagram of Lily Rubio as well as the cupcakecovertops website.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Revamp

As I am sure anyone who has been here before over the years you may have noticed that the image of this blog has changed drastically. In order to better serve my readers I have changed to a more bright and appealing layout and have also added social media share buttons to the bottom of each post! I used this page to do so if anyone else is wondering how to do it. I am not the most teach savvy person around so it took me a few tries and about 1hr to get this right. Who knew I would have so much trouble!? 

So I hope that you like the new and improved blog! 
Some other improvements I plan on making are:
Updating a little more frequently
sharing more artwork with specific themes
Etsy seller spotlights
My own photography

In relation to my own photography, I started this blog right out of high school pretty much. I did not fully comprehend the importance of citing my sources for photos and other things. After growing up a bit and learning more about the business world I have learned that it is VERY important to cite my sources and to get away from borrowing peoples photos for my artwork as well. 
I love working from a photo since I can work on it for months at a time if need be, but I know I need to start doing work that is completely my own. So I am going to take a big step and begin doing this consistently. 

Part of doing this is to do artwork with themes so I can do work that only I have taken photos of. I plan on drawing more cars - starting with a '99 Cobra Mustang. I also plan on drawing more fruits and vegetables - still life's! 
Wish me luck, and thank you for being a part of this blogs and my own personal growth over the years. And welcome to any newcomers, I am always improving.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kiwi Drawing - Process

It has been nearly a year since I have done a drawing and probably about that long or longer since I have done an art blog update. It has been interesting and fun getting used to being a mom and fitting in the things that I like to do in my small amount of free time. I do go on walks and visit parks a bit more now but that quiet time I need for art is a little few and far between those moments. 

So I have had this drawing about 75% of the way finished for more than 6 months! I also have about 2 others that are the same way. I just didn't feel like drawing for a little while as well. Anyways, I decided to take pictures during the process as well. 
 I usually do a light sketch to work with. And I almost always use a photo to work from since I tend to take FOREVER to finish a drawing. It can be nearly impossible to do a still life for me.
 I also skip around with where I am working on it at the time.
 Half of the drawing is sometimes much more close to being finished than the other and sometimes the whole thing is moving along nicely in a cohesive project.
 And then comes the final product that I still sometimes do a touch up on white space that you can see in this one has some smudges.
I get photos to work from primarily from Deviantart stock, and HERE is the exact stock I used for this one.
I also post my work to my Facebook fan page.
And lastly I do sell my artwork on an Etsy page that I have for a few years now.