Monday, October 11, 2010

BBQ Time!!

The humidity drops from 100% to bearable here in Florida and that means for me that it's time to go outside and do something fun!

For our Church group of younger adults we get together every Monday night to have a discussion followed by some fun activity, and tonight my boyfriend and I have put together a BBQ of wild pig and fish - with side dishes brought by everyone else.

He went with his dad this past week to go hunting for wild boar and fish so there are some interesting things to try out. They will be digging out a pit to build the fire and a friend will be coming over earlier to roast them for the group since he has experience with this. It is a potluck so everyone has signed up to bring some sort of side dish to share.

I am contributing chocolate chip cookies from an earlier post here with the recipe, and black beans to go with the white rice another girl is bringing.

Besides GREAT food, there will be guitar hero, Billiards, a movie, some board games, and when you get a good group together - a lot of mingling and conversation. These are all things that make a great get together as long as you have the participation of others.

Because it is a church group we are also including an little spot with note cards, stickers, and markers for everyone to write a letter to one of our friends Erin who left on her mission in Spokane, Washington.

There are things that can be added to this type of activity like people dressing up in luau apparel, putting up decorations etc. or even making it a Halloween themed party since it is right around the corner.