Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Since it is Halloween tomorrow I decided that I should carve a pumpkin to put on my front porch. It has been about 8+ years since I have actually carved a pumpkin. I wanted to do something new and cool - to kind of make up for the slow and lame night I will have tomorrow night; I don't think that I will be going anywhere.

I started off by buying the pumpkin - Target has them for $3.99. I figured they were probably getting a little old but I would do it anyways since they are cheap. And of course there was the ride home to worry about. Pumpkins are prone to rolling around in a moving vehicle, Safety First!
 And then I had it on my kitchen counter for about a week before I even touched it. I had an idea in my head but the follow through was much harder to get to. Plus, I figured that it would be difficult to carve a pumpkin with a kitchen knife.

So! I cut the top off and found some grayish gooey gunk on the inside. Gross. It smelled as bad at it looked. But, I cleaned it out and drew my outline with a colored pencil. It worked pretty well actually.
 After getting the gunk out of it I set to the task of carving my image. It was not all that easy but it worked and here is the final project!
Next year I will be sure to get a pumpkin earlier.

More to come: A Fall drawing of pumpkins :)