Friday, October 2, 2009

Chili Cook-Off!

One of the funnest and most tasty activities that can be done is a Chili Cook-Off.
My friends and I as well as their friends and others gathered together on a Saturday evening before it got dark and played some outside competitive games. we split up into teams and did a relay race. the first leg of the race was the wheel-barrow, which I did with a teammate - she held my feet up in the air while I had to walk on my hands as fast as I could go.
*TIP: Do this in the grass or make sure that everyone is wearing gloves to protect their hands from the pavement.
We did really great in the beginning but my arms gave out twice! Also, the skin blistered and peeled off my palms because we were doing it on pavement (reason to wear gloves or do game in the grass).
The next part was a hopscotch, then a sack race, and a nail race (who could pound a nail into a piece of wood all the way the fastest), and lastly the three leg race.
It was a ton of fun even if a little bit painful. After we were all tired we went inside to eat. each person has brought a food item. Chili was brought by those who wanted it to be judged, and the other foods were rice, corn bread, pumpkin pie, cookies, etc. the food was great, and some boardgames were played at each table as well.
This sort of activity can be done anywhere - we chose the Church building because it was primarily a branch activity, but a house is good to save on money instead of going to a park. everyone contributes in some way or another, and some people also carpool to the activity from lack of transportation. because of pioneer day, this particular one was chosen to the the "chili cook-off", but a different theme and layout of activities can be chosen to do.