Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Revamp

As I am sure anyone who has been here before over the years you may have noticed that the image of this blog has changed drastically. In order to better serve my readers I have changed to a more bright and appealing layout and have also added social media share buttons to the bottom of each post! I used this page to do so if anyone else is wondering how to do it. I am not the most teach savvy person around so it took me a few tries and about 1hr to get this right. Who knew I would have so much trouble!? 

So I hope that you like the new and improved blog! 
Some other improvements I plan on making are:
Updating a little more frequently
sharing more artwork with specific themes
Etsy seller spotlights
My own photography

In relation to my own photography, I started this blog right out of high school pretty much. I did not fully comprehend the importance of citing my sources for photos and other things. After growing up a bit and learning more about the business world I have learned that it is VERY important to cite my sources and to get away from borrowing peoples photos for my artwork as well. 
I love working from a photo since I can work on it for months at a time if need be, but I know I need to start doing work that is completely my own. So I am going to take a big step and begin doing this consistently. 

Part of doing this is to do artwork with themes so I can do work that only I have taken photos of. I plan on drawing more cars - starting with a '99 Cobra Mustang. I also plan on drawing more fruits and vegetables - still life's! 
Wish me luck, and thank you for being a part of this blogs and my own personal growth over the years. And welcome to any newcomers, I am always improving.