Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kiwi Drawing - Process

It has been nearly a year since I have done a drawing and probably about that long or longer since I have done an art blog update. It has been interesting and fun getting used to being a mom and fitting in the things that I like to do in my small amount of free time. I do go on walks and visit parks a bit more now but that quiet time I need for art is a little few and far between those moments. 

So I have had this drawing about 75% of the way finished for more than 6 months! I also have about 2 others that are the same way. I just didn't feel like drawing for a little while as well. Anyways, I decided to take pictures during the process as well. 
 I usually do a light sketch to work with. And I almost always use a photo to work from since I tend to take FOREVER to finish a drawing. It can be nearly impossible to do a still life for me.
 I also skip around with where I am working on it at the time.
 Half of the drawing is sometimes much more close to being finished than the other and sometimes the whole thing is moving along nicely in a cohesive project.
 And then comes the final product that I still sometimes do a touch up on white space that you can see in this one has some smudges.
I get photos to work from primarily from Deviantart stock, and HERE is the exact stock I used for this one.
I also post my work to my Facebook fan page.
And lastly I do sell my artwork on an Etsy page that I have for a few years now.