Friday, October 7, 2011

Siesta Key, Florida

I haven't died or forgotten about the blog! I just have had no clue as to what to update about, and I am even still a little unsure right now. I have found a good topic, so don't stop reading yet. I remembered a long time ago that I decided I would post things about local places and things as well as stuff about where I travel.

So, I am sharing with you the tidbit of information and views I have from Siesta Key, Florida. My husband and I went there a little while back for a few days to relax, go to the beach, and try out some fishing on the West coast of Florida. (Which is very different from the East coast.)

Siesta Key is a beautiful area with long beaches with the softest, most powdery white sand I have ever felt. The wet sand reflects the sky, the water is chill, and people walk, ride bikes, sun bathe, and run along the beach all day.

The sunsets are different too. They are strangely clear and pretty. I am used to seeing sunsets with purple and pink colors across the sky, but this is just as pretty on the beach because the sunset reflects on the beach as well.

Although we did spend some time at the beach, we also tried out some fishing. We chose a random charter on our drive to Siesta Key and made some calls to see if there were any availabilities to go out on the water.

What we found was Captain Chads charter called: Hook and Ladder Charters. It was a fantastic 4 hours! Although the water was a little bit choppy, we had a great time. While waiting on the dock for Captain Chad we saw some dolphins playing out in the water and we did a little fishing. Once on the boat we went out to a spot and didn't have much luck at first. We did see a TON of rays in the water, they were everywhere! It was very neat.

Once we moved around a bit we got some fishing done. We mostly caught catfish which I didn't know was possible in that area, and some other types. I got about 10 catfish, it was pretty neat. I also caught a huge sea trout - which tasted fantastic! (The picture my husband took was blurry as heck - the picture bellow is one that Captain Chad took)

Our last stop was a little further out where we were aiming to catch a shark. Unfortunately we did not catch any sharks. We did however fight with some gigantic sting rays! We brought one up onto the boat for pictures, it was so neat.

All in all, it was a great time for us. The area is beautiful, lost of neat things to try out, some nice shopping areas, a large variety or restaurants, and probably more than I can tell you.