Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be cool, stay in school

So I have been a major slacker in the blogger department. But you are all probably happy for a break right?

I have been going crazy with wedding planning, full-time school, and part-time work all at once. I have, however, been catching up on the schoolwork and am even taking a quick break from it this very moment to update my blog. I got the feeling I should make a post about school and include some things in it.

Education is an important part of our everyday lives, it enlivens the mind; keeps it sharp. We should strive to gain a better education throughout our lives. We can attend college, get certified, better our knowledge of our career, do anything to learn more. We can also learn new tasks through the years. We can take on new arts and hobbies, like drawing, painting, sewing, carving, handy work, etc.

If we do these things, we become better. we stretch ourselves, and are better able to do things for ourselves, our families, and others.
"Learn wisdom in thy youth" <- we are never too old to learn something!

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In the spirit of things educational, above is a neat bag I think would be great as a school bag. Or rather, I wouldn't mind owning a bag with a cool print like that on it.

Since I am in the school mood, I was thinking of mentioning a food item that is often categorized as "brain food" and I thought it might be cool to use an etsy seller but alas . . . there was no food! But I did find a super cute sandwich bag which is reusable. Neat-o!

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I just wanted to share this because I thought it was super cute and a really great way to be economical if you are into that, or my personal favorite, save money! Sandwich bags get pricey, it's much better to have a few of these that last for years and years, so you end up saving probably a few hundred dollars per year :)

Be cool, stay in school! (keep up the learning, stay sharp)