Monday, December 5, 2011

Utah Food

Today I am talking about food!
I recently went to Utah for a visit to the in-laws during the Holidays and I got to go around to a couple of neat places.

The first place I went was Gossners Cheese Factory in Logan, Utah.

I didn't think to get a picture of the place but it is a big building in practically the middle of nowhere. There is ice-cream, milk, candy, and of course . . . cheese! There is also a couple of windows where you can see some employees working on packaging huge bricks of probably 150ibs of cheese. Its sort of like a a quick stop of dairy delights. And pretty amazingly cheap goods at that! Buy it from the source and of course it is better tasting and a great price. We got a few of things there which included squeaky cheese. If you don't know it by that name then you should know it by the name of cheese curds. They were orange, fabulously tasty, and squeaky when chewed.

The second place we visited that day was Pepperidge Farm in Logan, Utah.

I also neglected to get another picture while traveling, but it is a huge plain building as well. Inside is a small shop of leftovers of their products. This means that there are cookies, and goldfish, and tons of other things made by Pepperidge farm on the shelf and in the fridge that have defects like broken cookies in the bag. We got so man cookies! And sadly we left pretty much all of them in Utah when we went home (which makes me sad). Unfortunately we will have to drive back there one of these days and keep all the cookies :) These items are also at a discounted price and my favorite item was a raspberry jam sort of cookie that we got 3lbs of for about $4. A very splendid cookie.

Finally, the last note worthy place of food we went to was a Birthday dinner at The Roof Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah.
It is a 5 star restaurant I believe, up high in the Joseph Smith Memorial building right next the LDS Temple. They take your hats and coats at the entrance and seat you in comfy chairs (reservation only). It is not a terribly big restaurant, it is pretty pricey though (about $78 for 2) but worth the bill in my opinion. It is indeed a buffet, though it is stocked with a variety of delectable foods you don't get at any other buffet. Sirloin steak, seasoned salmon, some exotic peppered and sauced chicken, other great foods, and an array of amazing desserts like cheese cake, pies, creme brulee, mouse, etc. A pianist plays through the evening by the buffet tables and will even play a requested song. And the view is absolutely stunning. This is of course due to the fact that the LDS Temple is right outside the window and is quite a sight at night with the lights on around it, christmas lights bellow in the trees, and the city all around. Bellow is a picture I took although it may not be amazing and doesn't do justice to reality, it shows what you can see.

So, these are just a few places I visited that I wanted to share. I had a great time, and think that anyone would have fun trying things out and visiting these places for themselves.