Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 HUGE changes, and a GREAT year!

Happy New year everyone! I knew this year was going to be full of changes, but I had no idea how many or how big!!
What is everyone's New Year's resolutions?
Back a few weeks I decided I would make some real goals in correlation to faith and Church, and some of them are already getting into place. There are other things that I didn't even consider that are happening.

One thing, is that I will still be doing this blog. I will also be able to put more updates here that interest those who bake, sew, clean, etc. . . .kind of a homemaker site if you would. And the reason for that is that I am GETTING MARRIED! :D
I'm super excited, and what will happen after that day is not completely decided, but I think sooner or later I will have a lot of home time and can devote more of my weeks to posting in here and sharing things that I find.

Of course, the next few weeks will be gearing towards weddings. Though I promise to not have them all be like that.

Shopping Tip

Shop online and discount stores.
I am realizing more often that that is the way to go these days. So many nice things can be found for very cheap, you just have to be willing to search!
I found a dress here that I hope turns out good! But they also have costumes, electronics, etc. there so it is a great place to look.

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