Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beard Beanies

 It's been months now and I just realized that I completely forgot to do this post! I have not even made an update in this blog for months and it's about time that I get back into this. About four months ago my husband and I had our first baby and for kicks and giggles we decided to get some fun shots. In order to do this we needed a beard for me and my son so that the whole family could match!
WithLoveByCole makes all sorts of cute beanies to sell on her Etsy shop. I could not resist ordering these! I am a little particular about some things and I felt that our beards must match my husband so I asked if she could find yarn in that color. She did just that. They turned out fantastic and gave us some hilarious pictures. Our little guy looks like a cute little smurf here. We will have many more great pictures in the future with these I am sure.

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