Saturday, May 16, 2009

Peaches4me Spotlight

I would like to start out by saying thank you to all those who have started to watch my blog! You are all so great.

Peaches4me -

Peaches is a mother of two, and has a little more recently really gotten into making a wide variety of jewelry to sell on etsy.
What's great about her shop is that there are so many different things to choose from- elegant and beaitufl, to colorful, crazy, cute, and unique. A lot of her items have a sort of vintage feel to them.

She makes a lot of necklaces with charms, all beautiful and intricate, and she also sells rings, bracletes, earings, hair accessories, and unisex items. A plus is that she offers gift certificates, and has a clearance section.
If you can't find esxactly what you are looking for then you can ask her about custom items, and she trades as well!

So, stop by her shop for a quick look, there is so much that you will want - of that I am sure! I know I have some things I am keeping an eye on. All her items are great for personal buys (of course), and gifts to friends, family, and anything else you can possibly think of!

Random addition!
Uses for SALT (some you may not have known about)
1. Test the freshness of eggs in a cup of salt water; fresh eggs sink; bad ones float.
2. Soak wrinkled apples in a mildly salted water solution to perk them up.
3. Pour a mound of salt on an ink spot on your carpet; let the salt soak up the stain.
4. Use salt for killing weeds in your lawn.
5. To remove grease stains in clothing, mix one part salt to four parts alcohol.
6. If a pie bubbles over in your oven, put a handful of salt on top of the spilled juice. The mess won't smell and will bake into a dry, light crust which will wipe off easily when the oven has cooled.
7. Ants: Sprinkle salt at doorways, window sills and anywhere else ants manage to get into your house. Ants won't walk across salt and they will stay outside where they belong.

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  1. Nice lines in your jewellery...and salt is a miracle think isn't it...