Saturday, May 2, 2009

CSpaperandbeads Spotlight

CSpaperandbeads has been making paper for nearly 13 years now, and started literally the day before her daughter was born.
"I had completely cleaned the house and had so much energy I decided to pull out the paper making kit I had purchased the previous summer."
She uses practically anything that she can - flyer's, junk mail, used printer paper and scraps of scrap booking paper - which I think is amazingly creative, resourceful, and thrifty.

Besides regular paper, she makes crayon papers - melting the crayons onto the paper, which gives it a deep color and interesting textures.
With the paper she makes, she creates beautiful thank you cards, greeting cards, and journals.

If you are still looking for something nice for Mothers Day, then you should stop by CSpaperandbeads' shop and pick something out. Her cards and paper are the perfect gift - Homemade, beautiful, and unique!
Apart from paper, CSpaperandbeads likes to work with beads and make necklaces and beaded crosses. She has been on Etsy for a year and a half, and loves it.
If you have scraps, recycle! Send them to her to use or make you some paper from you left overs!

Like most of us crafters, she has a TON of boxes filled with her personal craft(paper)and 4 or more gallon size Ziploc bags filled with crayons, and it never seems to get any smaller. Help her out and buy yourself some amazing paper!


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful spotlight! :)

  2. How cute that it was started before a birth. Great post.

  3. Beautiful ! I really like the 'recycled paper look' ! I am going to check her shop out too.

    Bekah, You have a great blog , I am going to follow you from now on .