Monday, March 30, 2015

30 Day Squat Challenge Results

Thirty days seems like a long time but while doing the 30 day squat challenge, I realized that it really isn't a very long time. I got a little off track with it when I went on a small vacation but I stuck with it and got back to where I was supposed to be with the day and proper number of squats. It was not easy for a beginner, but it is doable.

My beginning measurements were as follows:
 Thigh - left @ top - 23.5in 
Calf - left @ thickest - 15in
Weight: 152lbs
 And my ending measurements:
thigh - 23in
calf - 14.5in

 Weight: 150lbs
I was not expecting a total transformation but I am pleased with what I ended up with. Seeing as it is only 7.5 months since I had my second child and I am 19lbs away from my goal weight, I have to start somewhere! I am happy that I accomplished this challenge and I am looking forward to finishing more challenges and getting into better shape. I am obviously a good deal away from being where I want to be! But, I have just started an arm challenge, I am in the middle of an ab challenge, and I am also starting a butt challenge. I may not be able to see a huge difference in my body as of yet but there are changes! I want to keep this up and track my progress so that I continue with this fitness journey. I see my pictures and I think, "Okay, there is a little change. I want MORE change". This is motivating for me! I can't wait to look smokin' hot in a swimsuit again.

What helped me during this challenge is protein shakes and my vitamins/supplements (Greens, Thermofit New you, It's Vital, and Omega 3). My recovery was fantastic - I only had two days out of 30 that I was sore! And I felt like I had plenty of energy as well. The rough part is actually pushing through to get to that 250 squats, my legs still got tight and shaky trying to do that many in a row.

Note: I am not being paid by any companies or persons. This is not intended as medical advice. This is a personal project that I am sharing the results of.

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