Friday, March 13, 2015

Pure Romance Product Review

My sister and I hosted an online Pure Romance party for one of my sisters friends a few weeks ago. I had never heard of this brand before, but I am pretty open to trying new things and helping others out!
Katelyn Jensen, is a super nice woman who REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to the Pure Romance products! I asked her opinion on different products and what they were like, comparisons between a few things, and got her suggestions as to what would be best for me based on the info I provided her about my likes and dislikes.

The items that I purchased was the Skin Therapy and Coochy!
My box arrived simple, and plain, no big letters shouting out what I had purchased. So they are a discreet company for those who don't want the world to know what they bought.
Both items smells really good! 
Coochy has a mellow kind of smell, it isn't super to knock you out. It has a smooth silky texture has a pink bubble gum color. It is a shave cream that you apply on wet skin and then let it soak in for a few minutes before shaving (without adding any other shaving cream). It goes on smooth and by the time you are ready to shave your skin feels softer and the hairs feel softer as well (which is why it also doubles as a conditioner). I liked that it made my shave a lot smoother and I did not have to use very much even when used on both legs. I would use this everywhere, armpits and all!
Skin Therapy also has a somewhat light smell, not strong. But not made to smell like roses either (just saying). It is an aftershave mist. It came out in a nice even spray so I didn't have to worry about praying too much, and I am certain it will last quite a while. I definitely experienced fewer bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs using these two items together! I tend to get a lot of irritation on my legs when I shave more than once a week, so this was really nice to have when I went on a beach vacation for a few days and shaved just about every other day if not every day.

I enjoyed getting to know Katelyn and having her help me select these items!! Here is a little info about this awesome lady:
"I am a full time mom of 3, I love what I do. Pure Romance is not only a company that will help spice up your life and relationship but it provides amazing opportunities to better your life financially and give you opportunities to meet people from all walks of life. I started my own company to become my own boss, work my own hours, have lots of fun and pay my own bills, so far it is the best job I have ever had! Joining my team/family is an opportunity that you will never regret!" 
You can see more items Pure Romance by visiting her page:

Note: I I did not receive any commissions or payment of any sort for this post.

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