Friday, February 27, 2015

90Day It works! challenge and 30Day Squat Challenge

Basically, it's just what the title is!
After some difficult circumstances in my personal life I decided to do some fitness challenges to get things moving in that part of my life. Being a mother of two children under the age of two can do some tough stuff to your body. I have about 20lbs stuck to me that I want gone. I am not as strong as I used to be. I have loose skin. I sag where I never did before. It is the usual occurrences of a mother that I am experiencing! I don't want to be content with it though and only have things digress as time goes by. If you don't do the work you will only fall apart more, right?
So I decided to work on myself for at least the next three months. That is my big goal and short term view. Three months, not so hard, it can be done! It's better than trying to plan out an entire year!!

First item I chose was a squat challenge! And I am sure that many of you have seen this challenge with various pictures of nude bums, buff chicks, etc. I like this particular picture because honestly I know I won't get a huge bum without weights and I know that realistically I will have a nicer bum after doing this challenge but not the most amazing one in the world either. So I like the picture. The numbers on this however, holy cow. 250 at the end of the month!? This is crazy. I did day 1 yesterday so today I am supposed to do 55 squats today and I am a little sore already but not dying yet! I have been trying to keep a good track of progress, we'll see how this goes. I DID take some pictures, how am I going to know if I have a nicer butt at the end of this if I don't document!? :)

My 90 day challenge is with the It works! products. I am taking Greens in powder form twice a day, normally mixed in with orange juice. I am also taking Thermofit to increase calorie burning and metabolic rate. The New You is to help with quicker workout recovery and in building lean muscle mass. I am also doing the Body Wrap once a week which is great, I absolutely LOVE the wraps! They are to help tone, tighten, and firm my belly (which is where I am placing the wraps each week for this challenge).
It's kind of a lot of work, but that is really how a new routine is! I am already having a good time and I feel like I'll be having great results by the time I get to day 15. I took my "before" pictures, measurements, and weight. I even took a picture of my feet on the scale so I wouldn't lose just the number. And I will be transcribing my day to day notes and whatnot. A side goal has been to workout more - so I have done Pilates almost every day this week (Denise Austin on YouTube with BeFIT) and I love it. I usually get a handful of really good back cracks out of a workout. Another goal has been to drink more water and so far this week I am drinking about 3/4 of a gallon, so I am super happy about that. I just need to be sure that I keep it up and continue to drink plenty of water so I can utilize and process all the pills I am taking and recover well from these workouts. 
I'm not ready to share my "before" pictures just yet, I am excited to have some awesome results to put them next to so I can show off how well I do. 
Please email me or comment with any questions!

Note: I am not a fitness trainer or medical professional. These are all things I am doing on my own under supervision of my doctor. I am not telling others what they should be doing.

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