Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For the longest time (years) I have made my quilts with the top square pattern, batting middle, and most often flannel for the back. Not so anymore. I have started to make quilts that only have two layers. A top square pattern and then an extremely warm and fuzzy and completely fun fleece back. I made one for a some boys in a family that love the University of Miami, and the quilt was totally cool, and the second one I made is pink skulls and for valentines day (it really is a nice one too).

These are still very comfortable compared to the other quilts, but a bit more soft. I like these a lot also because I wouldn't have to worry about buying batting for them.
I am laying off quilt making for a little bit. The economy is not going so well as pretty much everyone knows - though not everyone feels it quite the same - and sales are not up to what I wish they were or what they could be if people were more inclined to spend money.
Today I have an interview for a job. This is another reason why I will put off making quilts specifically for a while. If I get this job then I will be able to pay back all the savings I used to buy the materials to make the quilts in the first place. I have a few supplies though to use in my room still, like fleece, and fabric (which I am using to make skirts - and with leftovers small squares that I will use to make scarfs to use with the fleece.
For crafters right now, especially quilters the main issue is making a quilt that is just right for the individual, the right pattern, size, materials, everything! So you really make something you like and hope someone else will like it too.
Be aware! It is a tough start, you may have to wait for people to know who you are and your product before sales pick up and people trust your product.

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