Monday, March 30, 2009

A day of work

Today is going to be busy. I've had a sell on etsy on Saturday so I will be shipping it today (going to ride my bike), and I have 3 projects to work on for some classes.
I am eating some cookies from the recipe I posted before and they are so hard! My little sister made them and left them in the oven for too long! She does not know how to make a good cookie.

I've not an drawings for a long time now but I think I might start up again. Here is my deviantart page:
I am also selling most of my work so if there is anything that someone wants all you need do is send me a message to see if I still have the piece. I still have many more drawings as well from a few years ago when I drew them, I am just slow to take the pictures then post them.

Nice sales on etsy recently, and I've also decided to do some sales myself. I am selling my quilts with free shipping. Most under $30 so come check it out.

Better Homes and Gardens
I love this magazine, it is great! Also, I peruse the online every now and then for ideas, and this one is interesting. I am a neat freak when it comes to organization, so here is a bathroom organization detail.

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