Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Etsy Spotlight - CristinaRTC / and Easter Tips

Nowadays it is difficult to get more popular on networking and also selling sites - such as etsy and here on blogspot. As others have done already, I am going to give it a try: "spotlighting". I will feature a seller from etsy on this blog and show one of my favorite items from there shop and include a link so that everyone can go ahead and look into that shop.
Everyone wins! ^_^


Cristinartc's shop consists of felt and crotched items, of which I particularly like the felt items like this "Braun the kitty". Her items are cute, and would be great as a gift for pretty much any age. Deffidently a shop to look into.

Also, I ran into some AMAZING tips for Easter Egg decoration on the Better Homes and Gardens website. Here is the link (just copy and paste into your browser):
Here are some of my favorite eggs, and they tell you how to make them as well! I am deffidently going to give this a try!

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