Saturday, April 18, 2009

StonyCreek Spotlight

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StonyCreek has been spinning wool for about 10 years now, and she taught herself to do it. Over time it accumulated and she decided to open an etsy shop to sell the wool so it wouldn't take over her house! Her knitting just isn't quite quick enough to keep up with her super speed spinning.

"I enjoy spinning a balanced two ply yarn the best, and rarely spin 'art yarn'. Besides my own shop, I also spin for Crown Mountain Farms' 'Sock Hop Yarn'."

"My hand spun yarns and spinning fibers are completely hand processed from the fleece of local sheep. My rovings are dyed in the wool and triple carded for ease of spinning. Colors are blended rather than painted on. My merino yarns are spun from hand painted commercial merino rovings. All the hand spun in my shop is two ply and balanced to insure a successful completed garment."

StonyCreek has been a seller on etsy for nearly Four years now. Her shop is filled with an assortment of beautiful colored yarns at a great price. She also makes hats, shawls, purses, and other items from time to time. Stop by her shop to find the perfect handmade yarn item for you.

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