Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"BekahsQuilts" Spotlight

Hi! Since I'm doing spotlights, I thought I would do one on myself for the heck of it. Also, so that those who come here can know a little about me as well.

Recently I got more involved in blogs and in the etsy forums, and I thought it would be great to "spotlight" or in otherwise "feature" other etsians on my blog so they could get some notice and also so I could get some traffic to help them and me.

I started selling things on etsy not even a year ago, and it was incredibly slow at first. Now that I've put myself out there a little more its been picking up little bit by little bit. My mother had a closet FULL of fabric and it was almost taking over the house so I decided that I would make some quilts to get rid of it. Well, I made over 50 quilts and it barely made a dent in the pile! :) Also, to make some money I decided that I would I would sell them. I went to some craft fairs with a friend, and it was horrible! Hardly anything sold.

I also had a lot of beads and other things laying around the house that I didn't want to just have sit there so I made some jewelry which a lot of people like. I like to work with plain old beads and line, but I think I am going to start making friendship bracelets as well since I like them a lot. I will probably try to put beads on them as well.

My shop is set up on the kitchen table and moved when I am not sewing. Everything else that I do, I work on wherever I feel like it.

Recently my father has been trying to branch out his own work with jewelry and other things to make some money, and he used to make seashell necklaces that he would paint really beautiful designs on when he was a kid. He had a few left over so he asked me to post them on my etsy so they would not mix with his other makings.
His shop:

Right now I am a college student and this whole etsy thing has become a way to make some extra cash while I am taking a break from work while in school - which will end soon. I also am an artist in the sense that I draw as well. I LOVE to work with pencils, especially black and white and I have submitted some pieces and gotten some awards like the Congressional Art, and.. .I forgot the other one. But over the years I have also had some work displayed in the Fort Lauderdale museum of art which was really cool. ^_^

This black and white piece was actually something I won an award for. It was the Congressional Art Contest for High School Students.
I have not drawn anything for a very long time, so I hope that that is something I can start to do, and it would be neat if I could also sell some pieces. I usually take pictures of my work then post it on --> and even have little copies made so I can put them in a scrap book, but the pieces themselves are usually big and there is not much that I can do with them. I am a drawing, not a painter, so at least I just have a can filled with pencils instead of boxes with lots of smelly paints :)

Well, I think that is it for now. I will update later with another spotlight - but for someone else that is from etsy! I may start doing more drawing and painting spotlights as well. What do you all think?

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