Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Etsy Artists

What is your favorite place to buy homemade crafts and arts? Could it be Etsy? If it isn't, it should be! I haven't been on there in a while but I am repenting and have found some very neat and great things. I seem to be all about the art these days so of course I was looking up drawings and paints. There are two fantastic artists that I would love to share with you who were so kind as to let me rant about how stupendous they are.

The first artist I came upon was LouisAdroit.
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LouisAdroit?ref=pr_shop

I noticed some great pieces in my search that came from the same username and checked it out. I loved all the animals I saw that had simple coloring but nice shading and illustration.
I love the Salamander picture above because it is so darn cute, and it reminds me of a time I went salamander hunting. It has great color, simple lines, and clearly shows the subjects beauty.
This shop is a home to two artists. They are working hard in school working on their business majors. They worked at Burger Kind part time before joining etsy and are now hard at work to scale the Etsy ladder.
Good luck to them both! They are already doing a pretty good job as far as I can tell, but you can always use more support.

The second artist I came upon caught my eye with color. There is something delicate but detailed to her artwork that I love to look at. Bellow is one of my favorites from her shop.
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MisprintArt?ref=pr_shop

This woman is very delicate looking, with beautiful up swept hair that kind of "becomes" a bouquet of flowers. I'm not too good at describing artwork but you can see that it is a great piece.
Misprint is a freelance graphic textile designer from Melbourne, Australia. She inspired by and loves music as well as "the intricate features in organic forms". Both are evident in the flow, feel, depth, and detail in her artwork.
She first draws her work by hand using "pencils, pen and ink" then scan it into the computer to have some more fun with it.
Misprint is blessed with a High Distinction folio grade from Monash University, worked as a textile illustrator for three years, and has traveled the world.
She now is a freelance artist and can be as creative and doodle as much as she wants to like when she was a child. Except now it is her job.
Her webpage is here: www.melissawilliams.com.au where you can view more of her work besides etsy.

It has been a pleasure to get to know more about these artists. It seems at times as if art listed online doesn't belong to someone, it is just a picture created from nothing. But, as they tell me a bit about themselves and their work there is more meaning. Art takes on a shape, it isn't just a pretty picture. Art is a unique creation brought about by a real individual even more unique than the work they create.

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