Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lime Drawing - the process

What is your favorite medium or material to work with when you create art? Is it paint, wood, charcoal, chalk, something else?

Well, my favorite thing to draw with right now is colored pencils. Prismacolor pencils to be precise. They are so great, a lot of the time they end up looking more like paint on the paper than pencils.

Recently I have been working on branching things out a bit with my art. I feel fairly competent with pencils but I really don't work very much with anything else. I also usually stick to drawing the same things all the time. So, at the urging of someone on facebook I decided that I would do series of work as well as try drawing different things. I chose to start off with edible items such as fruit.
I start off choosing an image I can work with, usually one I have taken myself. I tend to work on and off on my art so I have to work from photos, otherwise I would have still life's sitting all around the house ALL the time. After I get the picture, I do a light sketch of what I will work on. And once that is done then all there is left is to work my way through coloring it in. I don't like to work all over the paper all at once usually. I get bored pretty easy when I don't see any progress. So, will work in bits and pieces and completely finish little snippets of the drawing while mapping out other areas.
It may take forever to finish, but it is nearly always rewarding. It took roughly 7-8 hours to complete this lime drawing.

When you practice you get better. That is a fact.

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