Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New School Year

(You may have noticed a huge change in this blog, it is going to be involving a lot more than it used to, but I'll be updating it more often and really putting a lot more effort into posting things like before as well as the new subjects like art and whatnot. We shall see how it goes!)

As many students and parents know, the school year has started again! It can be a good thing or a bad thing. For me, a little bit of both.

I'm still a student, and recently at my first day back I was sitting there and couldn't help but feel - "I don't belong here anymore". Alas, The hubby is encouraging me to just finish it and be done. I agree so I continue in a somewhat unhappy manner.

I am happy to have something else to do though. School offers some time away from the house and from boredom. It's good to get out of a routine from time to time. Besides school, I've also been attempting to branch out in the art field. I have most of the time just dealt with pencils and now I really want to work in something else and try to be an all around better artist. I'm giving charcoal and oil pastels a shot and in the hopefully near future I will begin painting.

I have of course not given up pencils (colored and graphite), on the contrary, I will continue to use those items and try to learn to draw different things. I will try to be a little more creative and do pieces that are abstract and have meaning as well as try my hand at items I am not usually very good at drawing. I recently drew orange slices to see how I've changed over time and I was happy with the result. Bellow is the finished piece.

I have been prompted by a facebook fan to do a series with citrus fruit or just fruit in general - and I like the idea.

There is soo much to do with art! I just need to try not to feel overwhelmed. . .
On facebook, I'm still planning on giving away a drawing to someone when the page reaches "50" likes, so go ahead and "like" it so you can have your chance! I will do the same thing when we reach "100"!

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas as far as things to draw and art, by all means leave a comment :)

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